Cooperation with Schmidt's tourist traffic

We have had a cooperation with Schmidt's tourist traffic over a year now and it has been a good and constructive cooperation.

Began with a single test trip during the 2014 season and from the winter 2015 fixed driving every Friday to the snow-fired skiing on the Vallock in Sweden. Throughout the season there has been a really good dialogue between the custom Lubben and Schmidt's contact person which is the same for all trips and inquiries from everyone in the club. Nice with only a contact person who can take responsibility and follow things all the way to the door.

Schmidt's drivers have been pleasant and serviceminded all the way and provided a good and safe ride on all tasks.

Last assignment was 2 buses to the Hemsedalen April 2015 and it was carried out to UG with a few good, well-prepared and accommodating drivers. We look forward to developing cooperation for the 2016 season.

Ski trip at Week 8 2015

The service at Schmidt's tourist traffic cannot be desired any better.
We are taken care of as a customer from the start, where we began to show interest to the bus company and their services to the end where the journey is completed.
Schmidts has modern buses which are very well maintained. The drivers always make sure that the buses are clean and comfortable to travel in, ie. That the bus is air-conditioned on hot days and warmed up when it is cold, so you never have to freeze or sweat when starting your turn. Schmidt's drivers are great at taking care of the entire group and are happy to take a helping hand when needed.

My choice always falls to Schmidt, who can almost always solve the almost impossible.
Big thanks from a happy and satisfied customer after another super ski trip in Week 8 2015 to Salzburg with Lars Dalsgård as a driver.

Zell am See Week 6 – 2015

Thanks to Schmidt's tourist traffic
Just returned from Austria and week 6 the trip to Zell am See, 52 Ski Club members had a ski trip in Nice sun most of the time, we got skiing in Zell am See, Hinterglimm/Salbach and Kichbueler area. As Jan Larsen wrote in a text message, something of a ski adventure of 4 days.
Socially we found it to be fine with a bus of 50, there is the opportunity to get talked with everyone on the tour, we had a double-decker bus from Schmidt's tourist traffic with extra space for cosiness and card games. In the bus there is usually room for 74, but with the extra space there was room for card games, cosiness and finally extra sleeping space.
We say thank you to Schmidt's tourist traffic for a really good trip and the good service, with the serving of beer, water and coffee on the whole trip, as well as the 2 drivers way of being on (Lars and Hans). We can highly recommend you to other tour operators.

Great service and as always a perfectly planned and completed ski trip to KAPPL/ISCHGL. On the next trip.

Danish swimming Union has been very pleased with the cooperation with Schmidt's tourist traffic during the Nordic Conference on Baby swimming.

The weekend through was good service and you were very cooperative in terms of small adjustments.

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